Printech was established in 1992 with the state of the art offset printing machines. Printech is one of the most experienced printing companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our expertise has provided us with the know howand hindsight that our customers expect and depend on from prepress consultation to final delivery.

The Printech & Printpack portfolio offers solutions from job creation to fulfillment to efficiently drive more pages to press. The wide range of production workflow tools and solutions help to enhance the printing services and help the clients to grow their profit. We have overcome many
key production challenges in the modern print communications landscape.

In addition to our quality-focused administrative team and skilled technical personnel, we pride ourselves on stateof the-art technology. We understand that an investment in technology can actually save money and resources by improving efficiency. With a vast array of printing equipment ranging from the latest four colour Heidelberg printing machine to computerized cutting & die cutting machine.

Our Heidelberg printing machines, which is considered as the world's leading provider of solutions and services for commercial and packaging printing offers nothing but precision and perfection.
Sustainability & environmental protection are the key focus of all of the company's
activities. Measures taken in connection with the development, production, and use
of its products have reduced the resource consumption and therefore carbon and
other emissions as well as process-related wastage of resources.

Printpack was incorporated to Printech in year 2004 with the express intent of catering to the growing demand for top quality packaging products from Bahrain's food retail industry and shopping centers.

Since then the company has graduated to new levels to provide packaging production solutions within a short span of time. We have recently added a state-ofthe art recycled craft paper bag printing machines. We also have square bottom and flat bottom bag making machines.

This rapid growth of Printpack may be attributed to its emphasis on innovation. An emphasis on looking beyond the obvious and finding more cost-efficient and timesaving solutions alongside this
growth, Printpack has also acquired an enviable reputation for its uncompromising quality and consistency.

With a winning combination of the latest machines and skilled professions, we have been able to create new benchmarks in packaging excellence.A pioneering industry in the Kingdom, We are the first dedicated packaging manufacturers in Kingdom of Bahrain.

Being responsive to the needs of the market is what gets your customers coming back to you. Being good at communicating what you are good at is what turns someone into a customer in the first place. We work with our clients across a range of mediums, making sure that the visual
communication at all levels of their business is consistent, on-brand, and effective.

We question everything Not ignoring the very fundamental question 'why'? and keeping aside
the prejudices we go to beyond the complexities to understand your project. We give attention to very detail, listen to you before coming to any conclusions. The more we ask, the lesser you have to worry.

Your vision Our mission
It is our mission to make your targets achievable; we stride through chaos to set the chord right, which is very essential to define your business. We assess your strengths and showcase the same to have long-term effects. We design which follows its purpose.

We are the storytellers
We are too conscious the way we dress and the way we project ourselves to the outside world, same goes with the brands. We give the very look and feel to your brands, so that they can make their presence felt in the crowd. The brand has to be positioned in such a way that it should tell the story itself to stand out to create an identity that will embody the strengths and the personality too.

We create brand experience
Your brand is not just who you are. It's also how people feel about you. Tell them a story that will seize their imagination and capture their heart. Collaborating with you from the start will allow us to create not only a temporary spectacle, but also an entire, genuine experience that people
can relate to.

We stride along
Branding is a never-ending process that needs constant support and genuine effort. Our case studies help us to see how people perceive and react to the brand. We learn and incorporate our experience while designing so. We're enthusiastic about long-term partnerships and we're excited to see if there's anything we can work on next!